Racemax Italia



The Racemax Italia is designed for the most demanding riders and racers to be the fastest on any combination of asphalt, gravel and dirt, featuring clean, internal cable routing.


Our dream to bring carbon production back to Italy has become a reality at our Italian Factory near Bergamo.

Using our proprietary filament winding and RTM (resin transfer molding) technology, we hand built the fastest gravel frame in the world right here with on our 3T designed machines. This allows us to customize your frame for 1x, 2x, mechanical or electronic shifting upon request.

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Running cables internally can be nice and potentially reduce aero drag, but what is the point if you end up with a very wide and bulky headtube with oversized bearings to house the cables? Also, usually integrated systems make maintenance and rider position adjustments a nightmare.

Our MORE Integrale system uses the exact same headtube shape for internal and external cables and gives you all the benefits without the drawbacks:

  • You can make small height adjustments to the MORE Integrale without disconnecting or resizing the brake hoses.
  • You can swap MORE Integrale stem lengths without needing to disconnect and bleed the brake hoses.
  • You have the freedom to choose any of our 3T INTEGRALE bars to best fit the ergonomics & functionality you desire.
  • Should your adventure take you far from home, the MORE stem can be removed completely for travel without the need to disconnect the brake hoses.
  • The MORE stem is compatible with 1X & 2X Sram and Shimano electronic groupsets or 1x mechanical groupsets

For more information see the MANUAL


To make the fastest possible gravel bike, you need to start with the tires. Tire choice determines comfort & grip, but it also determines how you can shape the frame to redirect airflow.

To aerodynamically engineer the frame around the tires, you need to know what their REAL measurements are. Not what’s on the label, but how they really fit. That’s REALFAST aerodynamics. It’s not easy however, as the tire dimension depends on the rim you use, tire pressure, and of course how accurate the manufacturer’s claimed size is.

We took hundreds of measurements to know the real tire widths (which we call WAM - Width As Measured and RAM - Radius As Measured) and engineered the frame around that data.

Max clearance information can be found here.


The most important dimension is the WAM as that directly correlates to traction, puncture resistance, aerodynamics and rolling resistance. The WAM you need depends on three factors:

1. Terrain (traction, puncture resistance)

2. Rider skill (how much grip you need for control)

3. Rider speed (the slower you go, the more you bump/sink into the terrain)

The graph on the left indicates the WAM you need, and based on the rim width you use,you can find our favorite tires for each WAM here. Please note that running a front derailleur (especially an electronic version) will limit the tire width you can fit.


Starting from our favorite tires, we then engineered a perfectly fitting rear wheel cutout (with mud clearance of course) and a closely trailing downtube to catch the airflow coming off the front tire. We added a super-narrow headtube (yet with a big steerer inside it), a multi-shape fork and aero details from seatstay to seatpost and from the shielded water bottle to the direct-attachment brake mounts.

Most importantly, we engineered this for realistic riding speeds, wind speeds, tire widths, bottle positions and even for mud. We don’t care if it is theoretically fast in the windtunnel with a fantasy spec. We care if it is fast the way you ride it in real world conditions.

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frame specifications

For frame specifications, component compatibility, clearances, etc, please check our Racemax Italia Frame specifications. Geometry information is found below


Size 51 54 56 58
Rider Height (cm) 157-171 168-180 176-186 183-195
Rider Height* (inches) 5'2"-5'7" 5'6"-5'11" 5'9"-6'1" 6'0" 6'5"
Stack 544 566 586 606
Reach 364 374 382 390
"Road" Headtube 147 161 180 201
Headtube angle 69.2 70.7 71.7 72.2
Fork axle-crown 375 375 375 375
Front center 612 607 612 622
Rear center 418 418 418 418
BB drop 77 77 75 73
Wheelbase 1018 1013 1019 1028
Toptube lenght 518 536 549 563
Seattube lenght 463 490 518 545
Seattube angle 72.5 72.5 72.5 72.5

*Rider heights are approximations. For more accuracy, compare stack/reach with your current bike or visit your 3T retailer.

** RaceMax FORK length is equal to a standard road bike, so this HEADTUBE length can be compared to road bikes. To compare to gravel bikes with standard gravel forks, deduct 25mm from these “road" headtube lengths for a proper comparison.