Strada Italia



The Strada Italia is a high-performance road bike for all roads. Built to maximize the rider’s efforts with a perfect balance between comfort and aerodynamics, it enables all riders to achieve their fastest position, while the aerodynamic tube shapes are designed to optimize speed in real-world conditions.

The result is a platform which is comfortable for the everyday rider but with speed and aerodynamics demanded for professional use.

A truly radical design.


The Strada Italia is manufactured in the same Bergamo factory as the RaceMax Italia and Extrema Italia. It shares the same filament winding and Resin-Transfer-Moulding (RTM) technology, which has allowed 3T to bring much of its production back to Italy.

The result is a frame that significantly enhances the on-the-bike experience in:

- Reactivity - The more you push, the more it gives. The in-house engineering technology allowed 3T to build a frame that gives you the energy return you look for whenever you want to up the pace. With its short chainstays, the Strada Italia offers the feel of a pure racing bike.

- Handling - The balance of torsional stiffness-to-compliance at the headtube has allowed 3T’s technicians to maximize the Strada’s precision as it dives into corners, giving the rider the confidence needed to get the best out of themselves and the bike, especially on fast and challenging descents.

- Comfort - The layup in the lower seat tube area has been refined, most significantly in the curved aero cut-out: this section gives the Strada Italia significant engineered vertical compliance without compromising energy transfer.

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With road riding, tires provide more compliance than any other part of the bike. Wider tires are better at reducing shocks and fatigue caused by cracks, curbs, cobbles and potholes and therefore also increasing confidence, safety and versatility, They even have lower rolling resistance because their shorter contact patch requires less bending by the casing, improving the overall efficiency as a consequence.

Aerodynamics and tire choice work together as well. The size of your tires determines how you shape the frame to redirect the airflow.

To engineer the frame around the tires and have it aerodynamically maximized, you need to know what their REAL measurements are. Not what’s on the label, but how they really fit. It’s not easy however, as the tire dimension depends on the rim you use, tire pressure, and of course how accurate the manufacturer’s claimed size is. We call the real measurements WAM - Width As Measured and RAM - Radius As Measured.

The Strada Italia has been designed specifically for 28-35 WAM (Width As Measured) tires, optimizing the performance for 30-35mm WAM road tires range.


Without comfort, power suffers and an aerodynamic position is not possible. That’s why achieving the ideal fit enables all of us to maximize performance:

  • Riders will benefit from new Stack & Reach figures to balance comfort with an aerodynamic position.
  • Cockpit adjustability - the shape and angle of the handlebar can be as personal and individual as choosing a saddle. It can have a significant impact on how your bike fits and therefore the comfort and performance when your ride. By using an integrated yet 2-piece carbon stem & bar, riders can pick the 3T integrale handlebar size and shape of their choice and adjust the angle according to their needs.

Moreover, 3T MORE Integrale Technology in combination with 3T bars allows for:

  • Small height adjustments without disconnecting or resizing the brake hoses.
  • Swapping MORE Integrale stem lengths without needing to disconnect and bleed the brake hoses.
  • Should your ride take you far from home, the MORE stem can be removed completely for travel without the need to disconnect the brake hoses.

For more information see the manual.



Once the rider has their position dialled in, the frame becomes the next most significant factor for aerodynamic resistance.

As co-founder of Cervélo, our Head of Design Gerard Vroomen loves aerodynamics. Not just the theory, but real world aerodynamics. So we test at 20mph (32kmh) and 30mph (48kmh), we test with bottles and other “difficult parts”, we sometimes even test dirty and muddy bikes.

Every Strada Italia shape has been crafted to optimize efficiency in real road conditions. The frame’s aerodynamics have been maximized around wide road tires and our performance-enhancing geometry. While the new UCI regulations on frame shape have guided us as we push the boundaries to maximize the frame’s aerodynamic performance.

- The front end of the bike is critical. For this reason, this was the first area we attacked with the new Strada Italia. Making sure that we could keep it as narrow as possible. We did this at the headset area by using a super elongated aero profile with a pronounced nose and an aggressive truncation at the back. We complete the package by hiding all cables internally with 3T INTEGRALE technology, allowing a narrow headset width.

- The Fundi Integrale II fork has been developed with deep and thin asymmetric fork blades to deliver the best possible aero features including a great brake integration.

- The downtube has been designed to work in combination with the front end. It’s shaped with a narrow neck and extra-wide body to shield what every rider needs on a long ride: bottles. If all you need is one bottle, even bigger than the 500ml version, the lowest downtube position offers the best possible aero benefits. But the shielding effect is still very effective with the two-bottle configuration.

- The rear end is all about deep and super sleek profiles, from the upper seat tube to the seat stays each tube shape is designed to work in conjunction with the other to create the best aerodynamic package.


As is tradition for the Italia family, all the Strada Italia frames include a small transparent section. This window allows you to appreciate the beauty of the carbon fibre weave. You’ll find this in the 3 and T on the downtube.

The Project X version is also available for lovers of a "naked" finish.

Finally, for those who prefer to customize their frame, the "Ready to Paint" version will also be available.

design in details


Fits tires up to 35mm WAM and 347mm RAM, while keeping 4mm between any frame part and tire.


Standard forks require a flip-flop adaptor to set the correct brake rotor size. Our direct-mount pre-sets the caliper for 160mm rotors without any extra pieces.


Standard frames require an adaptor to use a 160mm brake rotor. We have integrated that into the frame, meaning you don’t need any extra pieces to attach the brake.


Compatible with SRAM and Shimano electronic drivetrains + Campagnolo Super Record Wireless.


To run a 1x transmission sleek and clean.


Future proof and standardized RD hanger, compatible with all standard rear mechs.


All the Strada complete bikes come with threaded BBs without any alloy rings in the carbon (added weight, complexity and debonding risk).


The new standard for road bikes, available for round and oval rails.


Our new 3T road-specific geometry consists of 2 parts: rider fit and handling.

1. Rider fit is solved by our new stack & reach figures that ensure the rider can achieve an aerodynamic and comfortable position to maximize performance on any road.

2. Handling performance fine tuned thanks to the specific carbon layup and the Fundi Integrale II fork that complements the headtube design. Different fork offsets (50 - 61mm depending on frame size) allow for precision handling, stability, predictability, and substantial aero benefits.

frame specifications

For frame specifications, component compatibility, clearances, etc, please check our Strada Italia frame specifications.


Size 51 54 56 58
Rider Height (cm) 157-170 168-180 178-191 188 & up
Rider Height* (inches) 5'2"-5'7" 5'6"-5'11" 5'10"-6'3" 6'2" & up
Stack 532 554 574 594
Reach 369 380 388 396
Headtube angle 71.0 72.7 72.7 72.7
Fork axle-crown 360 360 360 360
Front center 596 587 601 615
Rear center 408 408 408 408
BB drop 75 72.5 72.5 70
Headtube lenght 143 159 179 203
Wheelbase 991 983 997 1013
Toptube lenght 537 555 569 583
Seattube lenght 496 520 537 555
Seattube angle 72.5 72.5 72.5 72.5